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Published on: Jun. 17, 2011

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Bodendieck Family Geocaching

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way or another!

Treasure or Bust!

Our third attempt to find a geocache was in a park next to our subdivision. Instead of taking our usual dog-walking route, we followed our GPS unit’s arrow through a field to the bank of a stream. We fanned out, me trying to align myself to the finish line on the GPS unit screen and the boys looking for anything that smacked of hidden treasure.

“What’s this?” asked Blake, my middle son, as he leaned over to point at a sliver of white in a pile of wood. He reached down and removed a piece of wood to reveal a white Styrofoam box with the word “Geocache” written on it.

Smiles spread throughout the group. We had our first success! We eagerly lifted the lid to find a hodge-podge of “treasures” tucked inside: a gold binder clip, a plastic yellow monkey face and small toys. To my children, it was like the find of the century.

The boys each picked a prize, then replaced them with some other goodies for the next lucky treasure hunter to find. After carefully hiding the box again, we set out on our next adventure. Cache number four was missing, most likely a victim to recent flooding. But we did find a pool of tadpoles, which was just as exciting for our group.

Then we headed to another park in town—another spot I’d driven by before but hadn’t yet visited. We were glad for the excuse to discover yet another new area. Its entrance offered up geocache number five, and the quick success renewed the boys’ energy. They raced through the park to the clump of trees that seemed most likely to hold our sixth and final treasure.

We quickly discovered we were in the wrong spot as I once again tried to align myself to my GPS screen. A different cluster of trees, at the edge of a creek, yielded a round metal object full of dirt. We aren’t sure if that was the cache or just a really cool metal thing that happened to be half-buried in the right place. My kids are calling it a win, though.

After putting the container back in a hidden spot, the boys played in what is now their favorite park. The boys convinced us to try for one last cache, but I navigated us to the wrong side of the

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