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Published on: Jun. 17, 2011

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Bodendieck Family Geocaching

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to hunt down! If you don’t find a cache where you should, please report back to the website so that it may be replaced or removed from the listing.

The Hunt Continues

Not to be deterred, we set off in search of our second treasure. This geocache hunt took us further down the trail. At one point, a harmless red milk snake raced across my eldest son’s foot, to everyone’s excitement. We also came across a spot where water was bubbling out of the side of a bluff and into a small pool of water. The snake might have been a highlight for my boys, but my favorite part of that hunt was stopping to watch a family of ducks in the spring-fed pond.

Once they pried me away from the ducks, we continued our search for the second cache. Eventually we reached the right spot, according to our GPS unit. Even though we were at the exact coordinates, we searched to no avail. “What did the clues for this one say?” my husband asked, looking expectantly at me.

“Clues? I don’t think there were any,” I hedged. Truth be told, there might have been. I hadn’t thought to check. (Now I understand that hints are an important part of this modern-day version of treasure hunting. Hints are often available on the geocaching site. Some have to be decoded or deciphered like a riddle.)

We were having a good time, but we were still empty handed. Our pirate crew was ready to find treasure. It was time to get serious about finding some geocaches. We gave up on the second hunt and returned home to regroup.

Back at the house, I looked up several more geocaches around town on the geocaching website. There were a variety of options, so I narrowed my search by focusing on those with terrain and ease indicators of one or two—each cache was rated in these areas on a scale of one to five. This time, I scrolled down the screen to decrypt the clues after jotting down the coordinates.

I was fairly certain I recognized the screen name of the creator of several of the caches. I clicked on the name and up popped a picture of my neighbors. I took comfort in the fact that if all else failed, I would go ask for their help. My boys would find a treasure one

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