Annual Report Fiscal Year 2008–2009

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Published on: Jan. 2, 2010

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and colleges. Under these agreements, MDC provides fisheries management at existing lakes and ponds, and cooperatively develops and maintains facilities for anglers and boaters at lake and stream areas. MDC has agreements with 116 partners for the cooperative management of 166 public lakes, 42 stream access areas, four lake access areas and six aquatic resource education ponds.

Venison donation

MDC coordinates the Share the Harvest program with the Conservation Federation of Missouri, local charitable organizations and local meat processors. During FY09, 4,465 hunters donated 249,156 pounds of venison.

Healthy Forests

Wildfire prevention

By way of endorsing a third-party U.S. Forest Service Hazard Mitigation grant to the Southwest Resource Conservation and Development Program, MDC supported a two-year effort beginning in FY08 to promote wildfire prevention in southwestern Missouri. This area was hit severely by the January 2007 ice storm, and the resulting heavy, woody debris in the forests makes wildfire suppression more difficult and hazardous to firefighters.

Forest health

The Forest Health Program is a cooperative effort among MDC and other state and federal agencies to conserve Missouri’s forest resources by monitoring and evaluating forest health and providing forest-health management information to Missouri residents. Monitoring activities document and evaluate ongoing threats to forest health.

Timber harvesters

The Missouri Forest Products Association and MDC jointly sponsor logger training courses aimed at educating loggers about forest-management principles, introducing new techniques and concepts, and enhancing the safety of timber-harvesting operations. Thus far, 308 loggers have been through the program in Missouri.

Outdoor Recreation

New hunters and anglers

We provided more than 2,400 programs with instruction in hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting sports. More than 126,000 people took part in these programs. We offered about 900 Hunter Education classes, certified 24,733 students and began an online Hunter Education training module. More than 130,000 visitors attended programs or practiced firearms and archery shooting at our five staffed ranges.

Missouri National Archery in the Schools Program

MDC—in collaboration with the Conservation Federation of Missouri—is the Missouri coordinating agency for the NASP. In FY09, 13,776 students from 82 schools experienced this international-style target-archery program taught in fourth to 12th-grade physical education classes.

Urban fishing

In FY09, more than 60 urban lakes were managed for fishing. More than 158,000 keeper-sized fish were stocked in these lakes; this included almost 97,000 channel catfish, more than 46,000 rainbow trout and 15,000 brown trout.

Conservation Education

Discover Nature—Schools

More than 30,600 Missouri children were connected with nature through Discover Nature—Schools instructional units and grants. The middle school aquatic unit was adopted

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