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Published on: Sep. 2, 2009

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reviews and exercises went smoothly and were fun as well as educational. Instructors were so impressed with the techniques they learned and the experiences they had, that they planned to incorporate many of the techniques into their traditional classes as well. As a result, on July 1, 2008, the Conservation Department launched its online-supported Hunter Education training program.

Digital Launch

Launched in July, just months before Missouri’s major hunting seasons began—including dove, Cronk hunted deer with her boyfriend after completing her training. “On the afternoon of the second day we saw two small does make their way out of some trees in our direction,” says Cronk. “As they approached, I was able to line one up and made a good shot. It was a very exciting, rewarding and ultimately tasty experience.” waterfowl, and deer seasons—the program saw a good initial rush through November. Traffic slowed a bit in April, but we expect to see numbers increase again when we close in on fall hunting seasons. While the online program has drawn students of all ages, most so far have been older than 20 years of age, with many in their 30s and 40s. The main drive for these folks seems to be convenience; working adults with limited time are eager to use this alternate program. Currently, the number of individuals taking advantage of the program limits the number of field days and locations we can offer. However, as participants increase, we expect to add more dates and locations.

How it Works

Anyone can go to the Web site maintained for the Conservation Department by Kalkomey Enterprises, Inc., and study, review and research information—totally free. There you will find the same materials from the student Education course.

An added benefit of this program is that it provides additional education resources for all Missouri citizens. Parents, especially, can choose to research hunting, safety and other information to make an informed decision about whether hunting is an appropriate activity for their child, or to start reviewing hunting safety before formal training. It is also a great resource for students preparing to take a traditional classroom course. Current hunters can review and get information on changes and broader issues with hunting and firearms. School students, scouts and parents can research information for study, reports, projects, etc.

The online version is in a slightly different format that is more conducive to viewing online, with Flash animation, graphics to hold your attention

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