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“I am Conservation”

These Parkway North High School students placed 2nd in the country in the 2008 National Canon Envirothon competition. The students, (left to right) Kathleen Beilsmith, Jenny Bower, Jon Lee, Amal Al Lozi and Rebecca Frankenberger, honed their critical thinking skills and worked as a team to answer written questions, conduct hands-on investigations and make oral presentations on environmental issues in five categories—Soils/Land Use, Aquatic Ecology, Forestry, Wildlife, and Current Environmental Issues. These students beat out other teams at both the regional and state level for the privilege of being the only team to represent Missouri at the national level. At the national competition in Arizona, they competed against 54 teams from 46 states and eight Canadian provinces. For more information or to learn how to form a team, visit the link listed below. —Photo by David Stonner



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