2009 Regulations Update

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Published on: Mar. 2, 2009

Last revision: Dec. 10, 2010

remain committed to protecting the resources that Missourians value. Below are the regulation changes that will take effect July 1, 2009.

Youth hunter and angler recruitment

One of the Department’s goals is to provide more opportunities for youth to hunt and fish. Beginning July 1, several changes will help these efforts.

  • After the spring turkey hunting season, the Youth Deer and Turkey Hunting Permit and the Youth Firearms Antlerless Deer Hunting Permit will no longer be available. Instead, both residents and nonresidents age 6 through 15 can purchase deer and turkey hunting permits at half the price of resident permits. Youth Deer and Turkey Hunting Permits purchased during the 2009 spring turkey season remain valid for the 2009 fall firearms deer and turkey hunting seasons. This change allows youth to purchase a variety of permits at a reduced cost and to harvest more than one turkey during the spring and fall seasons.
  • Resident and nonresident youth age 15 and younger can purchase a Trout Permit at half the price of a Resident Trout Permit.
  • Resident youth age 15 and younger can trap without a permit.
  • Nonresidents who are living in Missouri while attending a public or private high school, college, university or vocational school in Missouri may purchase resident annual permits. Students must carry evidence of their Missouri residence and student status while hunting, fishing or trapping. These permits will be available after June 30, only at Department offices that sell permits.

Mentoring consistency

In the past, ages and qualifications varied for mentoring novice firearms hunters. As of July 1, when mentoring any firearms hunter who is not hunter-education certified, all mentors, including landowners hunting on their own land, must be at least 18 years old and hunter-education certified unless they were born before Jan. 1, 1967. This may affect some landowners who are 42 years of age or younger even if they only hunt on their own land. They will be required to be hunter-education certified to be a mentor on their own land, but not to hunt themselves on their own land.

Nonresident permit price increases

Nonresident permit prices will increase in July, and the reduced-cost nonresident landowner deer and turkey hunting permits will no longer be available after the 2009 spring turkey hunting season. Many nonresident landowners feel that they should continue to receive reduced-cost permits because they pay property tax, but the Conservation Department

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