Annual Report Fiscal Year 2007–2008

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Published on: Jan. 2, 2009

Last revision: Dec. 10, 2010


Financial assistance

Nearly $1.18 million in cost-share funds went to 634 private landowners to implement habitat management practices for fish, forest and wildlife. The funds helped install 1,104 conservation practices, impacting nearly 40,000 acres.

Partnerships support landowners

Staff developed 35 partnerships with federal, state and non-governmental organizations. These partnerships helped MDC enhance technical and financial assistance and equipment support to landowners interested in improving fish, forest and wildlife resources. One example is MDC assisted Missouri USDA with developing and applying $150 million in Farm Bill conservation programs.

Technical assistance

MDC provided timely and responsive service through 41,308 rural and urban landowner contacts, including 16,987 on-site visits. Landowners were assisted with habitat management plans. Staff also answered 5,025 requests for wildlife nuisance and/or damage assistance, including 1,005 on-site visits.

Accounting for Department Operations

Listened to Missourians

We employ a variety of scientifically sound measures to assess public opinions, expectations and recreation participation. This information guides decisions about regulations and fish, forest and wildlife management. In FY08 there were 58 activities that involved 92,365 people, which included public information surveys, focus groups and public meetings.

Tracked strategic plan accomplishments

This was the second fiscal year of tracking accomplishments of The Next Generation of Conservation, MDC’s strategic plan. The plan identifies nine goals, 28 results and 61 specific actions that MDC will work with Missourians to achieve. New developments include the ability to generate reports showing annual and cumulative accomplishments.

Internal audit reports

Internal auditors performed seven internal audits to ensure that public funds were expended in a responsible manner. There were no major findings.

What the Money Bought—Fiscal Year 2008

County Assistance Payments—$1,451,829 Included payments to Missouri’s counties for levee and drainage district taxes, forest cropland payments, payments in lieu of real estate taxes and county aid road trust payments. Since 1980, more than $13.11 million has been paid to Missouri counties in lieu of taxes.

Capital Improvements—$16,165,002 Work included fish hatchery improvements, river access development, wetland renovations, shooting range construction, development of nature centers, land acquisition transactions and renovation and repair of facilities statewide.

Fisheries—$12,444,886 Maintained and improved sport fish populations, aquatic biodiversity and aquatic habitats. Managed 906 lakes and 40 stream management areas for public fishing, and provided stream and lake management assistance to over 8,600 private landowners. Stocked more than 11 million fish in public lakes and streams.

Forestry—$16,071,586 Fostered a healthy and growing forest resource. Examples include distributing 5 million seedlings for planting to nearly 12,400 landowners, provided forestry assistance on over 50,000 acres and

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