From the Missouri Conservationist Magazine
November 2008 Issue

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“I am Conservation”

Taylor Daly, 14, has been hunting quail for 3 years. Her dad, Jason, an avid hunter, got her started in their long family tradition. In fact, Taylor is wearing a quail-hunting coat that first belonged to her great-grandfather. The coat has been passed down over the generations, and her dad has now passed it on to her. Taylor loves quail hunting so much, during the season she will go hunting at Poosey CA in Livingston County everyday she can after school. “The Poosey area is an awesome place to go because it is filled with tons of quail and pheasants,” said Taylor. —Photo by David Stonner

Also in this issue

Building a Bobwhite Factory

An engineer’s methodical mindset and his passion for conservation meld into a plantation for quail.

An Underground Adventure

A Boy Scout field trip molded a generation of conservationists.

Image of blue-winged teal

Diverse Divers

Although not seen as frequently as their puddle-loving cousins, these fast, deepwater ducks keep things interesting.

This Issue's Staff:

Editor In Chief - Ara Clark
Managing Editor - Nichole LeClair
Art Director - Cliff White
Writer/Editor - Tom Cwynar
Staff Writer - Bonnie Chasteen
Staff Writer - Jim Low
Photographer - Noppadol Paothong
Photographer - David Stonner
Designer - Stephanie Thurber
Artist - Dave Besenger
Artist - Mark Raithel
Circulation - Laura Scheuler