Annual Report Fiscal Year 2006–2007

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Published on: Jan. 2, 2008

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hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities on each area.

Conservation area use

We improved horse trails on several MDC areas. The improvements have eliminated hazards to riders, provided for year-round horse-trail riding and reduced some erosion resulting from heavy public use.

Land management

We conducted habitat-management activities on approximately 150,000 acres of public land. Staff spent nearly 132,000 hours on area maintenance.

What the Money Bought—Fiscal Year 2007

County Assistance Payments—$1,396,404 Included payments to Missouri’s counties for levee and drainage district taxes, forest cropland payments, payments in lieu of real estate taxes and county aid road trust payments. Since 1980, more than $12.42 million has been paid to Missouri counties in lieu of taxes.

Capital Improvements—$22,855,287 Work included fish hatchery improvements, development of nature centers, river accesses, wetlands, shooting ranges, land acquisition transactions and renovation and repair of facilities statewide.

Fisheries—$11,908,332 Managed 924 lakes and 40 stream management areas for public fishing. More than 833,543 people bought fishing permits, making fishing one of the most popular outdoor activities in Missouri. Fish hatcheries stocked 9.6 million fish in public lakes and streams.

Forestry—$15,410,871 Fostered a healthy and growing forest resource. Examples include distributing 4.7 million seedlings for planting to nearly 12,000 landowners, developing 152 Landowner Forest Stewardship Plans, bringing an additional 38,336 acres under total resource management, managing 438,700 acres of public forest land, monitoring insect and disease threats and facilitating development of the state’s forest industry.

Wildlife—$16,074,091 Worked toward ensuring wildlife populations are in harmony with habitat and human enjoyment. Managed 526,198 acres of public land and implemented programs to maintain and restore natural communities and wildlife diversity across Missouri’s landscape.

Outreach and Education—$15,383,196 Sustained and nourished Missourians’ connection to the outdoors by providing educational materials, schoolteacher contacts, outdoor skills programs, the Missouri Conservationist magazine, web-based information, books, videos, hunter education, staffed shooting ranges and conservation nature centers.

Private Land Services—$8,775,673 Helped private landowners to achieve long-term conservation of natural resources and their land-use objectives. Delivered nearly $1.1 million in cost-share funds to 607 private landowners; provided on-site technical assistance to 9,665 private landowners; improved habitat for quail and grassland songbirds on more than 13,000 acres of private land; helped landowners enroll almost 5,800 acres into the Wetland Reserve Program; and assisted 4,634 private landowners in controlling nuisance wildlife.

Protection—$14,181,263 Paid for law enforcement in every county as well as resource management, information, education and public service contact activities conducted by 167 conservation agents who directly contacted more than 735,000 people. Coordinated the Share the Harvest Program where more than 6,580 deer hunters donated more than 322,000 pounds of venison to less fortunate Missourians. Conservation agents, along with 2,200 volunteer instructors, conducted 1,066 hunter education classes, certifying 25,000 students.

Resource Science—$12,075,236 Provided the science-based information needed to effectively manage Missouri’s natural resources. Resource Science monitors the status of Missouri’s fish, forests and wildlife, recommends conservation actions, evaluates these actions and reports the results. In addition to surveys of fish and wildlife, more than 200,000 Missourians were contacted to determine their outdoor activities and opinions about conservation programs.

Regional Public Contact Offices—$3,296,676 Provided regional public contact offices.

Administrative Services and Human Resources—$28,646,718 Paid for human resources, federal reimbursement administration, hunting and fishing permit point-of-sale system, fiscal services, distribution center, print shop, fleet management, vehicle and equipment maintenance centers and information management and technology. Also includes other agency appropriations, Department-wide equipment and other essential services.

Design and Development—$12,188,760 Provided engineering, architectural, surveying and construction services for conservation programs and maintenance of conservation areas and facilities.

Administration—$2,550,447 Paid for audits, legal counsel and the coordination of strategic planning, environmental policy development, cultural resource reviews, public involvement and river basin management.

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