Annual Report Fiscal Year 2006–2007

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Published on: Jan. 2, 2008

Last revision: Dec. 6, 2010

schools with conservation grants for outdoor classrooms, equipment and busing costs for field trips. Grants to schools exceeded $185,000.

Citizens discover, use and enjoy Missouri’s outdoors

More than 1 million visitors experienced our conservation nature centers and shooting-range/outdoor-education centers. These facilities offered a wide variety of programs, with more than 300,000 participants.

Community Conservation

Grants help volunteer fire departments

MDC, in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, provided more than $281,000 in grants to more than 140 volunteer fire departments. These grants help fund protective clothing, equipment and training.

Meat-donation program

Conservation agents coordinate and support the Share the Harvest program with the Conservation Federation of Missouri, local charitable organizations and local meat processors. During FY07, approximately 6,580 hunters donated 322,500 pounds of venison.

Community Assistance Program

Through the Community Assistance Program (CAP) and the closely related Corporate and Agency Partnership Program (CAPP), MDC enters into agreements (usually 25-year) with cities, counties, state and federal agencies, businesses, foundations, schools and colleges to provide fisheries management at existing lakes and ponds, and to cooperatively develop and maintain facilities for anglers and boaters at lake and stream areas. MDC has agreements with 114 partners for the cooperative management of 146 public lakes (9,236 acres of water), 41 stream-access areas, four lake-access areas and six aquatic-resource education ponds.

Landowner Assistance

Technical assistance

Field staff provided service through approximately 20,062 rural and urban landowner contacts, including 9,665 on-site landowner visits. Staffers assisted landowners with habitat management plans. Staffers also answered 4,634 requests for wildlife nuisance and/or damage assistance, including 906 on-site visits.

Private lake and stream management

We responded to 7,579 requests for watershed, floodplain, riparian corridor and stream or lake management information and technical assistance on streams or lakes. We made 1,435 on-site visits and wrote 182 recommendation letters or management plans. Staff conducted 39 stream or lake management workshops attended by 1,176 people. We also coordinated or participated in 69 watershed-focused resource management projects.

Equipment grant program

MDC designed and initiated the Conservation Equipment Grant Program. The program targeted organizations that assist MDC with delivering private-land habitat programs and technical assistance to private landowners. We awarded approximately $100,000 in grants to 12 separate organizations.

Places to Go

Online atlas improved

We made a comprehensive update to the Department’s online conservation atlas. Information about the features, facilities and recreational opportunities available on each of 1,000-plus conservation areas owned or cooperatively managed by MDC is available online. A companion regulations database, linked to the atlas, provides information on regulations and seasons relating to

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