Annual Report Fiscal Year 2006–2007

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Published on: Jan. 2, 2008

Last revision: Dec. 6, 2010

chip mill, pole mill and charcoal plant in Missouri. Determining the sustainability of Missouri’s forest and calculating the economic impact of Missouri’s forest products industry are just a couple of the potential applications of the information obtained.

Oak mast production surveyed

Oak mast is an important source of fall and winter food for many species of wildlife. The oak mast survey is conducted annually to provide an index for the availability of oak mast, giving an indication of what is in store for mast-dependent forest wildlife during fall and winter. In 2007 we sampled 3,847 oak trees. Mast production was poor this year, particularly in white oaks, which was attributed to the late-spring freeze.

Professional Timber Harvesters Program

The Missouri Forest Products Association and MDC jointly sponsor logger training courses aimed at educating loggers about forest management principles, introducing new techniques and concepts, and enhancing the safety of timber-harvesting operations. More than 250 loggers have been through the program.

Outdoor Recreation

Deer Hunting

MDC has expanded opportunities for deer hunters. Unlimited antlerless deer permits for many counties, no-cost any-deer and antlerless deer permits for resident landowners, the Managed Deer Hunt Program, and additional urban deer harvest opportunities help maintain deer populations at herd levels desired by landowners and hunters.

Increased trout-fishing opportunity

The winter catch-and-release season at Bennett Spring, Montauk and Roaring River state parks was expanded from three days to four days per week. In addition, a new winter trout area was established at Spur Pond in Kirksville. Acquisition of the Bohigian Conservation Area provided new public access to 1.26 miles of the Mill Creek Blue Ribbon Trout Area.

Missouri Archery in the Schools Program

MDC, with the Conservation Federation of Missouri, became the Missouri coordinating agency for the National Archery in the Schools Program. The program is designed to teach target archery in fourth- to 12th-grade physical-education classes.

New hunters and anglers

Staff and volunteers provided more than 700 instructional programs in hunting, fishing, trapping and shooting sports to more than 45,000 people. We offered more than 1,000 Hunter Education classes to 29,000 students.

Conservation Education

Wildland fire-suppression training

MDC trained more than 565 local firefighters in fire behavior, suppression techniques and safety at no cost to the fire departments or the volunteers. We also provided instructors and logistical support for the Midwest Wildfire Training Academy.

Learning Outdoors School Program

In this pilot year, 33 middle schools with 2,431 students received grants to participate in the Learning Outdoors School Program. We also provided an additional 318

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