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Published on: Jun. 2, 2007

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Woods, Lakewood, North Terrace, Penn Valley and Troost. In addition, the Department stocks trout in Chaumiere Lake from November through March.

The Department also manages the fish populations in five Jackson County park lakes that are open for public fishing. These include Alex George, Bergan, Bowlin Road, Scherer and Wyatt lakes.

Alex George Lake is stocked with channel catfish from April to October and with trout November to March. The other Jackson County lakes receive channel catfish every other year. Catfishing in these lakes can be exceptional at times.

Big Water Fishing

Anglers can find lots of reservoirs within a short drive of downtown Kansas City. Blue Springs, Jacomo, Longview, Prairie Lee (Jackson County) and Smithville lakes (Clay County) provide great fishing from shore or boat.

County boating permits are required for each of these lakes, and fishing by pole and line only is permitted at Blue Springs, Jacomo, Prairie Lee and Longview lakes. At Lake Jacomo you can also take carp and buffalo by gig, longbow or crossbow during statewide seasons. At Prairie Lee Lake, longbows and crossbows are not allowed for these species during statewide seasons, but you can use a gig.

Blue Springs Lake provides some of the fastest action for decent-sized carp. Anglers may find success off the dam, in the upper ends of coves and near the north boat ramp as carp congregate on shallow flats to spawn.

Carp in both Lake Jacomo and Prairie Lee Lake aren’t as numerous, but they are large. Fish nearly 3 feet long have been pulled into boats during sampling runs.

Channel catfish are abundant in all of these lakes. Blue catfish and flathead catfish can be found in Jacomo and Smithville lakes.

These lakes also contain plenty of largemouth bass, crappie and bluegill. In fact, bass fishing in Lake Jacomo could rival some of the best bass lakes in the state.

In addition to good bass fishing, Smithville Lake provides Kansas City-based anglers a solid walleye fishery. Longview and Jacomo also have walleye populations.

White bass are present in all of these lakes as well. Smithville and Jacomo both have excellent numbers of these hard fighters. Blue Springs Lake also contains hybrid striped bass. They are extremely fun to catch on topwater lures during summer months.

Novice or pro, local or visitor, if you’re looking for angling excitement, don’t miss fishing Kansas City.

River Fishing

County River Area Name Boat Access
Cass S. Grand Amarugia Highlands CA Yes
Clay Missouri Cooley Lake CA Yes
Clay/Jackson Missouri LaBenite Park/ Liberty Bend CA Yes
Jackson Missouri Fort Osage Yes
Missouri Riverfront Park Yes
Blue Brown Athletic Area Yes
Platte Platte Humphrey Access Yes
Platte Platte Falls CA Yes
Platte Kendzora CA No
Platte Marshall CA No
Platte Ringold Access  
Platte Schimmel City Access Yes
Platte Union Mill Access  

Lake and Pond Fishing

County Area Name Acres Boat Access (# of ramps)
Cass Amarugia Highlands CA 55 Yes
Harrisonville North Lake 34 Yes
Clay Chaumiere Lake 1 No
Englewood Lake 1 No
Lakewood Lake 1 No
Smithville Lake   Yes
Jackson Alex George Lake 8 No
Bergan Lake 3 No
Blue Springs Lake 720 Yes (2)
Blue Valley Lake 1 No
Bowlin Road Pond 4 No
James A. Reed Memorial WA 252  
Lake Jacomo 970 Yes (2)
Lake of the Woods 1 No
Lone Jack CA 35 Yes (1)
Longview Lake 930 Yes (2)
North Terrace Lake 1 No
Penn Valley Lake 1 No
Prairie Lee Lake 150 Yes (1)
Scherer Lake 15 No
Tarsney and Wood Lakes 17 & 8 Yes
Troost Lake 1 No
Wyatt Lake 3 No
Platte Guy B. Park CA 17 Yes


For More Information

The Conservation Department’s Kansas City Regional office at 3424 NW Duncan Road in Blue springs (816-655-6250) has brushpile maps for some of the lakes. The office can also provide you with the annual “Fishing Prospects” guide, recipes for dough baits and a list of fishing regulations for all Jackson County Parks lakes.

You can get more information about fishing at Smithville Lake by contacting the Liberty office at 816-792-8662.

For more conservation information about the area, visit the Kansas City region Web site.

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