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Published on: Feb. 2, 2007

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in Stone Mill Spring Branch in Pulaski County, unless you want to keep a trout. This regulation change was requested by the Natural Resources Branch of Fort Leonard Wood to allow more fishing opportunities.

Bighead and silver carp are exotic nuisance species that have become common in some large rivers in Missouri. To discourage their spread to other waters, these two species may be used as dead or cut bait, but not as live bait.

The winter catch-and-release trout season at the state’s four trout parks has been expanded to four days, from Friday through Monday. Maramec Spring Park is now open daily during this season, which runs from the second Friday in November through the second Monday in February.

Koeneman Park Lake in Jennings, Liberty Park Pond in Sedalia and Spur Pond in Kirksville will be stocked with trout this winter for catch-and-release fishing from Nov. 1–Jan. 31. For bait restrictions and other regulations for the Department’s winter trout fishing areas, see A Summary of Fishing Regulations, which is available at permit vendors and online.

Commercial fishing

Illinois commercial fishermen must be licensed in Missouri if they want to fish and harvest shovelnose sturgeon from the Missouri portion of the Mississippi River adjacent to Illinois.

To stay informed of exotic bait species that could adversely affect fishing in Missouri, live bait dealers must register annually with the Department.

In the Mississippi River, only shovelnose sturgeon 24 inches to 32 inches in length may be taken by commercial fishing methods.

Hunting and fishing methods

The atlatl, an historic hunting tool, may be used to take nongame fish following the same regulations as when gigging fish and to take small game. An atlatl is a rod or narrow board used to launch a 5-to-8-foot dart. The dart is launched by a throwing motion of the arm. The Missouri Atlatl Association presented the Regulations Committee and Conservation Commission with videos, demonstrations and other data showing how the atlatl works, its accuracy and the skills needed to use this primitive method.

Darts used in hunting may not contain drugs, poison, chemical or explosives.

Hunting and trapping

To provide more opportunities for hunters age 6 through 15, two youth seasons have been established. Oct. 27–28 will be the dates for the 2007 youth-only quail and pheasant seasons; however, the pheasant season will be held in the north zone only.

Electronic calls and electronically activated calls may not be used or possessed while hunting species other than crows

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