The Next Generation of Conservation at Work

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Published on: Sep. 2, 2006

Last revision: Nov. 29, 2010

Goals For the Next Generation

  • Conserving Plants, Animals and Their Habitats
  • Protecting Clean and Healthy Waters
  • Promoting Healthy Trees and Forests
  • Preserving Missouri’s Outdoor Recreation Heritage
  • Teaching Missourians About Fish, Forest and Wildlife Resources
  • Supporting Conservation in our Communities
  • Helping Private Landowners Advance Conservation
  • Serving Nature and You on Conservation Areas
  • Accounting for Department Operations

In The Next Generation of Conservation, the nine goals are accompanied by discussions of the challenges that face us and the results we want to achieve. Each is then followed by a list of specific work we will do to achieve that goal. However, it is not an exhaustive list of all that the Department will do to achieve that goal.

The lists are included within the plan, which has been reprinted in this issue. While the goals are general, the work listed is more specific. For example, under the goal of Conserving Plants, Animals and Their Habitats, the list includes:“Establish or expand 40 Natural Areas to enhance Missouri’s Natural Areas System and to protect the best examples of Missouri’s ecological subsections.”

Under the goal of Supporting Conservation in Our Communities, the “What we will do” list includes: “Develop a virtual ‘conservation neighborhood’ model and on-the-ground examples that demonstrate conservation-friendly construction methods and the economic value of amenities like neighborhood greenspace, trails, forest buffers, wildlife habitat corridors, stream corridor protection and wildlife viewing opportunities.”

Many of the items listed have target dates. For example, under the goal of Teaching Missourians About Fish, Forest and Widlife Resources, we plan to: “Create a new, school-based Learning Outdoors program by 2008 that features wildlife, ecology and aquatic units designed to meet testing standards while providing exciting, hands-on learning experiences for Missouri students.”

The Next Generation of Conservation will guide Conservation Department employees, programs, activities and philosophy for years to come. Already, Department budgets and positions are being changed to meet the requirements of the plan. In a short time, you’ll even see changes to the Conservation Department’s Web site and to the Conservationist magazine that will focus our activities toward the strategic plan’s goals and allow the public to monitor our efforts and, ultimately, our success in fulfilling the plan.

The Next Generation of Conservation is essential if we are to fulfill our responsibility of passing on a better world to those who come after us.

The Next Generation of Conservation at Work:

  • Generational Hunting
  • Working Together for a Watershed
  • The School and the Cavesnail
  • Help for a Neighbor

The Commission’s Mission

The Conservation Commission of Missouri, which the state’s

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