Missouri Stream Team Reaches 3,000

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Published on: Apr. 2, 2006

Last revision: Nov. 23, 2010

dreams a reality.

Stream Teams never stop looking for new opportunities and even greater challenges. Perhaps this is what led them to develop the Missouri Watershed Coalition (MWC). The MWC is a statewide group made up of representatives from Associations. Although they are a newly formed group, their hope is to help oversee the Stream Team program and offer one-on-one advice and services to Teams and newly forming Associations. The volunteers who make up the MWC have years of experience and are poised to use what they’ve learned from their own mistakes and successes to help new members.

Stream Team began because a few individuals had a vision: clean, healthy streams we can all enjoy. It has been successful because of the many people who have signed on to share both the vision and the work needed to make it reality. It may take us awhile to get there, but Stream Teams are a tenacious lot. They’ll stick to the task until it’s accomplished. As we now look beyond 3,000 Teams, there may be no limit to what they can achieve.


If you’d like to start a Stream Team or get involved in similar efforts in your area, contact a Stream Team biologist at (800) 781-1989 or

Stream Team Timeline


  • First Rivers and Streams Conference— public gathering where citizens express an interest in a Stream Team program.


  • Stream Teams start signing on. Stream Team #1 is the Roubidoux Fly Fishers.


  • The first Blue River Rescue Cleanup event in Kansas City.
  • St. Louis area Stream Teams get involved with Operation Clean Stream in the Meramec River basin.


  • Missouri Department of Natural Resources sponsorship begins and Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring takes off.


  • First Stream Team Association begins— Scenic Rivers Stream Team Association, made up of Stream Teams from West Plains, Willow Springs and Mountain View.


  • Stream Team takes on storm drain stenciling.


  • Stream Team 1000 signs on!
  • First Stream Team Academy workshop held.


  • Missouri Watershed Coalition starts.


  • Stream Team Program sponsors the “Stash Your Trash” Program and distributes trash bags to canoe liveries and other outlets.
  • Annual value of Stream Team activity accomplishments reaches $1 million for the first time.


  • Adopt-an-Access activities begin.
  • First Missouri River Relief event is held.


  • Stream Team 2000 signs on!
  • 100,000th streamside tree is planted.
  • Regional Stream Team Conferences begin.
  • Stream Teams start naming unnamed tributaries.


  • City of Arnold establishes fines for littering the Meramec watershed within city limits.


  • One dedicated volunteer reaches a decade of monthly water quality sampling.
  • 3,500th ton of trash is collected.
  • Fishing line recycling

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