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Published on: Feb. 2, 2006

Last revision: Nov. 23, 2010

this fishery. After a detailed study showed that less than 21 percent of the crappie were reaching 9 inches, the minimum length limit has now been changed to 9 inches. The new length limit should result in higher numbers of larger crappie and an improved crappie fishery without reducing the daily limit. Of the anglers surveyed, 69 percent said they preferred this approach.

  • Hickory Creek from the Highway 86 bridge to its confluence with Shoal Creek in Newton County will now be a White Ribbon Trout Area, which provides more opportunities for catching trout and the occasional chance to harvest a large trout. During the catch-and-release trout season, from Nov. 1 through the last day in February, only artificial lures and flies may be used to reduce hooking mortality.
  • Maramec Spring Park will now be open daily during the catch-and-release trout season from the second Friday in November through the second Sunday in February. Only flies may be used, and anglers must have a trout permit. This area was previously open three days a week.
  • An addition to the winter trout fishing program will be Kiwanis Lake in Mexico, which will have catch-and-release trout fishing from Nov. 1 through Jan. 31, when only flies, artificial lures and soft unscented plastic baits may be used.
  • Coot Lake at the James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area near Kansas City formerly was a catch-and-release winter trout area. Since this is the only disabled-accessible lake stocked with trout in the Kansas City area, the harvest opportunities for these anglers were limited. Starting next winter, the catch-and-release rule will be removed and trout will continue be stocked, which will allow more winter harvest for all anglers.


    • In addition to using .22-caliber rimfire firearms, bullfrogs and green frogs may now be hunted with other smaller rimfire rifles or pistols, and they may be possessed throughout the year. However, only the daily limit may be possessed while hunting.
    • Hunters can once again use dogs to hunt for furbearers, squirrels and rabbits during the daylight hours of the November portion of the firearms deer season in Bollinger County. This hunting method continues to be restricted in counties where illegal deer-dogging activities continue to be a significant problem. Note: During this portion, small game hunters are restricted to using a shotgun with shot not larger than No. 4 or using a firearm that fires a rimfire cartridge .22 caliber or smaller.
    • Because conservation areas were established

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