Annual Report Fiscal Year 2004–2005

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Published on: Jan. 2, 2006

Last revision: Nov. 22, 2010

Habitat: The Department emphasized restoration of quail and grassland bird habitats on Department lands, implemented regional quail/grassland bird action plans, and identified prospective private landowner cooperatives within quail focus areas. Quail and bird population monitoring was implemented to evaluate management actions.

“To serve the public and facilitate their participation in resource management activities.”

Telecheck: The new Telecheck system allows hunters to check deer and turkey by phone or online. The Department estimates it will save $500,000 a year with this system.

Private Land Services staff made 6,087 onsite landowner visits to offer technical assistance in the development of habitat management plans and handled 5,280 requests for wildlife nuisance and/or damage assistance, including 696 on-site visits.

Share the Harvest: Through this program, hunters, in partnership with established charitable organizations, donate deer meat to those in need. Conservation agents coordinate the Share the Harvest program with the Conservation Federation of Missouri. During fiscal year 2004–05, 5,161 hunters donated 275,374 pounds of venison.

Rural Volunteer Fire Department Grants: Each year the Forestry Division, in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, provides grants to rural volunteer fire departments. In fiscal year 2004–05, 179 rural fire departments received over $380,000 in grants that funded equipment, special clothing and training.

Cost-share Funds for Private Landowners: Over $1.1 million in cost-share funds were delivered to approximately 850 private landowners to implement beneficial habitat management practices targeting fish, forest and wildlife resources.

“To provide opportunity for all citizens to use, enjoy and learn about fish, forest and wildlife resources.”

New Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center opened May 2005 and focuses on southeast Missouri’s unique habitats and history. Indoor exhibits include a beaver lodge, swamp, Native American artifacts and more. The outdoors offers ponds and walking trails through forested hills and wetlands.

The “Learning Outdoors” Program was initiated to better help Missouri schools teach children what it takes to keep our fish, forests and wildlife—all nature—thriving. Grants for field trips, outdoor classrooms and learning kits will be integrated with teaching units to meet the demands of student testing as well as the joy of learning.

Deer Hunting: Unlimited antlerless deer permits were available for many Missouri counties (249,518 permits sold) and many more no-cost any-deer and antlerless deer permits were made available free to resident landowners (325,353 permits). The Department annually conducts the Managed Deer Hunt Program providing an additional 73 hunts on state and federal lands. Urban deer harvest opportunities were expanded to maintain deer populations at homeowner-desired

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