2005 Wildlife Code Changes

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Published on: Feb. 2, 2005

Last revision: Nov. 17, 2010

fishing waters or adjacent banks.


Fall Firearms Turkey Hunting. The fall firearms turkey hunting season will be October 1 through October 31 annually. The season limit of two turkeys of either sex remains unchanged for the fall season, but both turkeys may now be taken on the same day.

Fall Firearms Deer Hunting. The November portion of the 2005 firearms deer hunting season will open November 12. The closing date and dates for other deer season segments will be announced in early summer.

Tree Stands on Conservation Department Areas. Only portable tree stands are allowed and only from September 1 through January 31. Unattended stands must be plainly labeled with the owner’s name and address on a durable material. Use of screw-in steps and any material or method that would damage the tree is prohibited.

Hound Running Areas. A hound running area approved after March 1, 2005, must be at least 40 acres in size. Foxes and coyotes may be held in temporary confinement facilities on the hound running area or another location specified on the permit.

Groundhogs. Legally obtained groundhog pelts may be possessed and sold throughout the year.

Pheasants. Male pheasants may be taken from November 1 through January 15 north of Interstate 70, and also in that portion of St. Charles County lying south of Interstate 70.

Waterfowl Hunting. Effective in fall 2005, waterfowl hunting will be allowed during prescribed seasons on designated portions of Lone Jack Conservation Area until 1 p.m. daily.

Waterfowl hunting Units 1 and 2 at Four Rivers Conservation Area have been added to the list of areas managed by daily drawing, where waterfowl may be taken only by holders of a valid area Daily Waterfowl Hunting Tag and only in a designated area.

On Units 3 and 4 of Four Rivers Conservation Area, waterfowl hunters must pre-register and check out daily at designated hunter record boxes prior to and immediately after completing the hunt, but there is no daily drawing for hunting those units.

Only authorized persons are allowed within the waterfowl shooting areas during the waterfowl hunting season.


Target Shooting and Shooting Ranges on Conservation Department Areas. Shooting hours on unmanned ranges are one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.


Transgenics. The release of transgenic fish or wildlife into the wild is prohibited without written authorization of the director. Transgenic fish or wildlife may be possessed and used only as authorized by the Wildlife Code (3 CSR 10-9.110). “Transgenic” is defined in the Wildlife Code as any organism, or progeny thereof, that contains DNA from a species that was not a parent of that organism.

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