Urban Canada Geese in Missouri

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Published on: Feb. 2, 2004

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by the USFWS permit, NUGIT conducted training sessions throughout the state. These sessions informed staff about Conservation Department guidelines for urban Canada goose management and the new permit process. NUGIT also initiated print articles, press releases, radio and television releases and two new publications on how to deal with urban goose conflicts in Missouri.

Probably the most important part of the approach taken by Missouri is its insistence on using multiple methods before resorting to the more extreme measure of roundup and removal. Roundup and removal are effective only after a large number of geese are already established in an area. This happens quickly without harassment, alteration of the habitat or other control measures. Because they are required to use other methods before receiving a permit for roundup and removal, communities are compelled to try techniques that often make roundup and removal unnecessary.

Cooperation among agencies, communities, and interest groups is critical to goose management. Missouri has been successful in dealing with Canada geese because various groups have come together to tackle the problems.

For example, the expansion of egg and nest destruction in Missouri was facilitated by cooperation among the Conservation Department, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, GeesePeace, nuisance wildlife control operators and property owners. No two situations are the same, and no single method will resolve all goose/human conflicts. However, it's a good sign for goose management, and for conservation in general, that people who don't always agree were able to come together and seek a positive solution. triangle


Visit your local Conservation Department office for additional information on urban geese management, or visit our website at

A new publication,"Controlling Conflicts with Urban Canada Geese in Missouri," describes common strategies for solving goose problems, lists suppliers of control products, and provides a template for developing a tailored management plan. For a free copy,write to Publications, P.O.Box 180, Jefferson City,MO 65102-0180, or email

"Living with Canada Geese" workshops

Missourians can learn how to avoid and reduce conflicts with giant Canada geese at workshops in the St. Louis area in February.

In cooperation with the Missouri Department of Conservation, GeesePeace of St.Louis, a non-profit group that promotes non-lethal solutions to nuisance goose problems, is offering six workshops in 2004.

Participants will learn population stabilization techniques.The workshops also include information about the use of landscaping, trained dogs, chemical repellents and no-feeding policies as part of an integrated goose management plan.

The workshops will be in Ballwin at the Wildlife Rescue Center (Feb. 4, 11 and 29), St. Louis City at the Humane Society (Feb. 18), Florissant at Florissant Valley Country Club (Feb. 22), and Kirkwood at the Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center (Feb. 26).

For more information about the workshops, write GeesePeace of St. Louis, P.O.Box 38846, St. Louis, 63138, call (314) 567-2081 or email <>. The group has a website.

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