From the Missouri Conservationist Magazine
February 2004 Issue

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Cottontail Rabbit

image of cottontail rabbitA cottontail rabbit pokes its head out after a heavy snowfall. During periods of heavy snow, cottontails will either tunnel into a thicket or take shelter in a woodchuck's den. -- Jim Rathert

Also in this issue

Save the Last Dance

Prairie chickens compete for mates, and for survival, on the state's few remaining booming grounds.

Behind an ATV Habitat Management

Properly accessorized, your 4-wheeler can be as useful as a tractor.

A Trim and a Tuck!

St. Louis lakes are getting makeovers so they'll be more attractive to both fish and fishers.

2004 Wildlife Code Changes

Each year, the Regulations Committee for the Missouri Department of Conservation reviews all the rules in the Wildlife Code of Missouri.

Urban Canada Geese in Missouri

Growing numbers of giant Canada geese are creating giant problems in urban areas.

Missouri's BIG Game FISH

Trotlining for catfish is part fishing, part wrestling.

This Issue's Staff:

Editor - Tom Cwynar
Managing Editor - Bryan Hendricks
Art Director - Ara Clark
Artist - Dave Besenger
Artist - Mark Raithel
Photographer - Jim Rathert
Photographer - Cliff White
Staff Writer - Jim Low
Staff Writer - Joan McKee
Circulation - Laura Scheuler