Annual Report Fiscal Year 2002–2003

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Published on: Jan. 2, 2004

Last revision: Nov. 16, 2010

Second Youth-Only portion of the firearms deer hunting season. During the two-day portion of the 2002 season, nearly 40,000 youth hunters harvested 7,727 deer. There were no reported accidents.

  • Coordinated efforts of 2,200 volunteers who donated time, expertise and labor to monitoring and protecting streams and to conservation projects and education.
  • Combined the Fish Forest and Wildlife Research sections and many Natural History programs into the new Resource Science Division. Also added a Wildlife Diversity Section to the Wildlife Division. These changes better serve non-game research and management, progress on threatened species, protection of Natural Areas and citizen groups committed to these efforts.
  • What the Money Bought - Fiscal Year 2003

    Forestry - $14,903,199

    Conservation Department programs foster a healthy and growing forest resource. Examples include distributing 5.53 million seedlings for planting to nearly 13,185 landowners, developing 94 Landowner Forest Stewardship Plans, bringing an additional 13,733 acres under total resource management,managing 438,700 acres of public forest land, developing the state's forest industry and conducting research on trees and forests.

    Wildlife - $15,930,146

    Conservation Department programs ensure wildlife populations that are in harmony with habitat and human enjoyment. Managed 501,066 acres of public land and conducted programs to monitor game and non-game species, develop wetlands, restore wildlife and control wildlife damage.

    Fisheries - $14,293,493

    Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Missouri. In 2002, the Conservation Department sold 1,386,519 resident and non-resident fishing permits and tags of all types to 846,155 people.The agency produced 7,294,188 fish for stocking in various waters.The Conservation Department manages 849 public impoundments totaling 277,055 acres of water.

    Natural History - $2,438,957

    Coordinated and provided overall and specialized services to the Department's natural areas, endangered species programs,wildlife diversity and natural community conservation and management programs, as well as programs to promote public appreciation of natural resources.

    Law Enforcement - $15,191,299

    Paid for law enforcement, resource management, information, education and public service contact activities conducted by 167 conservation agents. Conservation agents, along with 2,200 volunteer instructors, conducted 1,062 classes and certified 32,328 students.

    Outreach and Education - $13,169,371

    Sustained and nourished Missourians' connection to the outdoors by providing educational materials, schoolteacher contacts, outdoor skills programs, the Missouri Conservationist magazine, TV show, books, videos, informational programs, staffed shooting ranges and Conservation Nature Centers.

    Private Land Services - $6,172,255

    Newly established division provides resource education and technical assistance to private landowners to conserve forest, fish and wildlife resources.

    Administration - $3,337,572

    Paid for general region expenses and equipment, auditor, legal counsel, planning, environmental coordination, local government assistance, summer help and other administrative functions.

    Administrative Services and Human Resources- $30,079,223

    Paid for human resources, federal reimbursement administration,hunting and fishing permit point of- sale system,fiscal services, aviation services,fleet management,building and grounds maintenance, information management and technology and other essential services.

    Land Acquisition, Landowner Assistance, In-Lieu Taxes - $2,016,669

    In lieu of tax and forest cropland payments, which included levee and drainage district taxes, totaled $960,731 to 113 counties.The four largest payments were to Shannon ($76,165.02), St. Louis ($50,202.04),Howard ($39,403.10), and Holt ($32,734.64) counties. Since 1980,more than $9.44 million has been returned to Missouri counties under the Payment in Lieu of Taxes program.

    Construction & Development - $14,771,828

    Paid for outstate service centers, hatchery improvements,wetland development, river access site development and other construction.

    Design and Development - $8,870,367

    Paid for engineering, construction administration and architecture.

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