The Real Secrets to Deer Hunting Success

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Published on: Oct. 2, 2003

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couldn't believe it! Several deer had passed not more than a hundred feet away.

Following the tracks, I walked along the top of that ridge for about a mile, but I knew I was never going to catch up with those deer. Again, I decided to return to the truck.

"Boom!" A shot sounded right in front of me. I heard someone holler, "I got him!" Next I saw a hunter step away from a tree, run a short distance and kneel down over a deer not more than two hundred yards in front of me. He was a beautiful 6-point buck.

While field dressing the deer, the happy hunter told me the deer had just ambled along the top of the ridge, stopped, and looked back at me. That was when he shot him. He said three does were with the buck when he shot.

Why hadn't I seen those deer? I had perfect vision, but for some reason I couldn't see four deer 200 yards away from me.

That night I returned the borrowed gun and gave up for the season. It seemed like some hunters were meant to get deer, and some weren't. I decided I was among the latter.

When next season rolled around, I had read dozens of articles about deer hunting and was ready to give it another try. I had a nice new gun, better clothes for winter weather, a good spot all picked out and three days off. Most important, I was smarter.

Or so I thought. I didn't get a deer that season, or for the next two seasons, for that matter.

The following summer I met a man whose deer hunting experiences were about the same as mine, but he talked of a man he knew who had gotten a deer every year for some 20 years.

With about a month to go before the season opened, I decided to visit this man and see what he had to say. He told me he always hunted alone, but if I'd help him get caught up with his work, he would take me hunting for one day. He told me not to take a gun and to stay six feet behind him the entire time we were hunting. He would show and tell me everything he knew about deer hunting. He would tell me why some hunters get a deer every year and why some hunt all their lives and

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