Grandpa, Coons and Sharp

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Published on: Oct. 2, 2003

Last revision: Nov. 16, 2010

Sharp, "It better not be a possum."

After about five minutes of circling and looking, I started to wonder if the tree had a hole unknown to Sharp. Pretty soon, I asked Grandpa for his advice on that possibility.

"Don't bet on that," he said. "Just keep looking. "

Soon, I took the light from Grandpa and made my own inspection. In a quiet voice, I called for Grandpa to come quickly. I shined the light on a fork of this huge tree. Both sides of the fork were about 40 feet above the ground and could rightfully have made their own tree in the fork. There we saw two shiny points that looked like eyes.

We conferred over what to do. Finally, Grandpa said, "We're far enough from everything that if you don't hit it or it turns out to be nothing, there will be no harm done. And, this might be our best and only shot."

Grandpa put down the other coon and bent down behind me to shine the light over my shoulder and through the sights. His tobacco smell and general Grandpa scent added to my confidence. It was a long shot, but our spirits were high and we thought things lined up pretty well. I squeezed the trigger like my Dad had taught me, and again the Remington responded with a light "crack." The two shiny points immediately disappeared, and within five seconds, we heard a great thud on the ground.

Sharp didn't need any instructions on what to do. He went to it immediately and with a good deal of effort, dragged the huge boar coon to Grandpa. Again, we rewarded Sharp with words and rubs. He wiggled and squirmed in delight at having pleased us so.

"Lookie there Tommy," said Grandpa with a great wrinkled smile. "You won't ever see one bigger than this." He said it weighed 30 pounds or more. Upon closer examination, he said, "Well I'll be darned" (or something like that), "that is one straight shooting gun. You hit him right between the eyes." I don't believe I ever saw Grandpa happier than at that moment.

All three of us basked in the thrill of the hunt, bursting with pride. On the way home, we talked nonstop about the tree, the shot, the size of the coons, and everything else that happened that night. It didn't matter what we carried or how heavy it was. We were so happy: Grandpa, Grandson and dog on a cold, unforgettable night.

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