Missouri Conservationist: Jul 2003





The Cameron Hunting and Fishing Club

The perseverance and hard work of its members created conditions for Missouri's wildlife to flourish.

Fish and Fetch

Combine summer fishing with hunting dog training.

Managing Fescue

Working around fescue to create quality wildlife habitat.

Missouri's Colossal Catfishes

"Bait the hook well; this fish will bite!" -- William Shakespeare

Careers in Forestry

The job market is greening up for forestry professionals.

This Issue's Staff

Editor - Tom Cwynar
Managing Editor - Bryan Hendricks
Art Editor - Dickson Stauffer
Artist - Dave Besenger
Artist - Mark Raithel
Photographer - Jim Rathert
Photographer - Cliff White
Staff Writer - Jim Low
Staff Writer - Joan McKee
Circulation - Laura Scheuler