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Published on: May. 2, 2002

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Holiday Array - December 27, 28 - Spend time at Runge Conservation Nature Center during the holidays. We will have crafts, music, programs, refreshments and lots of natural fun waiting for you.

Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center

Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center is nestled in a quiet corner of a busy city. Leave the chaos of the urban world and escape to the 112-acre nature center, where you can learn about the fish, forest and wildlife of Missouri.

The educational and entertaining indoors exhibits highlight the many benefits of conservation. Two levels of modern exhibits geared for kids of all ages explain how all the pieces of the natural world fit together. A 3,000-gallon aquarium contains native Missouri fish, turtles and other aquatic life. A wildlife viewing area with large windows offers a clear view of bird feeders. A marsh harbors deer, squirrels, turkeys, woodpeckers and other wildlife.

Outdoors, you can leisurely stroll through a native oak/hickory forest or hike on our three paved trails. Sloping rocky woods provide a haven for beautiful wildflowers, towering trees and tangled vines. Seasonal creeks and a pond accent the trails and are good places to see wildlife activity.

Learn even more about fish, forests and wildlife by attending a program or a guided hike. For more information about the nature center and its programs, call (314) 301-1500.

August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area

The August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area offers 6,987 acres where you can enjoy Missouri's fish, forests and wildlife. The area both provides critical habitat for fish and wildlife in a rapidly developing area near St. Louis and provides the urban public a nearby place to enjoy outdoor recreation.

New indoor exhibits include a large aquarium with fish that inhabit the lakes on the area, a tree with secret hiding places and a prairie habitat with lifelike mounts. Other exhibits help visitors learn more about our state's natural resources.

The Busch area has several hiking trails and an auto tour. Self-guiding brochures for the auto tour and several of the trails are available at the office and at some trailheads.

Programs on aquatic and forest ecology, birds, trees and reptiles are available for everyone. You can also join our staff for a spring frog walk, a fall color hike or an owl prowl.

Public fishing is available on 32 lakes that

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