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Published on: Mar. 3, 2002

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enhancements that benefit wildlife, forests and natural communities.

  • The Conservation Department created the Private Land Services Division to improve its ability to assist landowners in managing their land and in procuring state and federal assistance.
  • Wildlife Damage Biologists throughout the state provide information and equipment necessary for people to deal with wildlife damage. Urban Wildlife Specialists perform the same function in Kansas City and St. Louis.
  • The Show-Me Conservation Outdoor Classroom Grant Program helps provide outdoor learning sites at Missouri schools. Last year, 35 schools received $700 to $2,500 each in grant funds to promote conservation and environmental education.
  • Aquatic Wildlife Management


    • To strengthen and broaden the aquatic wildlife management work force of the Department. This is the backbone of the program for management practices on all waters of the state. Services to landowners include investigation of aquatic problems, remedial management advice, and development of management plans for new ponds and reservoirs. Management of public lakes and streams involves planning for future use, acquisition and development of lands and facilities, investigation of water pollution and other kinds of resource damage, evaluation and study of water development projects, fish population management and handling of many diverse and complex problems.
    • To develop a series of aquatic wildlife demonstration areas on Department-owned lands. Such areas would show sound management practices for private landowners.
    • To provide 80 small urban lakes and manage them for use by underprivileged and inner city residents. This would provide a badly needed recreational outlet and contribute to an appreciation of wildlife values.
    • To provide technical assistance, fish and wildlife plantings to land development lakes being constructed in urban areas to control runoff and silt in accordance with local regulations.

    Keeping the Promises of Design:

    • Missouri offers a comprehensive package of cost sharing and incentives to private landowners wanting to improve streams that flow through their property. The package includes demonstrations and technical assistance in restoring and enhancing stream fishery habitat.
    • The Urban Fishing Program includes management and development of urban lakes, urban fishing clinics, stocking fish and other programs benefitting urban residents.
    • Each year, the Conservation Department sponsors, co-sponsors or assists with more than 200 Kids Fishing Clinics, Family Fishing Fairs or other special events.
    • Tens of thousands of Missouri landowners have benefitted from the Conservation Department's fishery management services for landowners. Services

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