White River Border Lakes Permit

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Published on: Jan. 2, 2001

Last revision: Nov. 8, 2010

also discuss future fisheries management objectives and strategies regarding shared waters, or waters that flow into the other state. This exchange of information has benefitted the biologists, the fisheries and the anglers of Missouri and Arkansas.

Both states have also taken steps to standardize fishing regulations on these lakes, as well. Some regulations may never be identical, but mostregulations regarding popular game fish have been standardized to reduce confusion among anglers.

For example, the walleye length limit on all three lakes is 18 inches, with a daily limit of four fish. Likewise, the daily limit for catfish (blue, channel and flathead) is 10 fish in the aggregate, and the minimum length limit for crappie is 10 inches, with a daily limit of 15 fish.

On Bull Shoals and Norfork, regulations for black bass (largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass) are identical in both states. The largemouth and smallmouth length limit is 15 inches, and the spotted bass length limit is 12 inches. The daily limit for black bass is six fish in the aggregate.

Table Rock's black bass regulations, however, differ between the two states. On the Missouri side, the length limit for all black bass is 15 inches. On the Arkansas side, the largemouth and smallmouth length limit is 15 inches, but the spotted bass length limit is 12 inches.

At Lake Norfork, cooperative walleye tagging and stocking projects provide good information for future management decisions. Norfork draws walleye anglers from all over North America, so this information could prove vital in maintaining and enhancing the quality of the fishery.

Thanks to cooperation between Missouri and Arkansas, anglers at the three "shared" reservoirs will soon enjoy lower fishing expenses, more standardized regulations and better fishing.

51,000 New Acres of Fishing Fun

The new White River Border Lakes Permit is a great benefit for Missouri anglers. Here's a rundown of the lakes and the kinds of fishing you will find in them.

Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake is a bass angler's paradise. It supports excellent populations of largemouth bass, spotted bass and smallmouth bass, as well as a diversity of habitat that ranges from the deep, clear expanses of the main lake to stained, narrow bottlenecks in the larger tributary streams.

During the past decade, the smallmouth bass population has increased dramatically. The best smallmouth bass fishing is in the mainstem portions, from the Highway 86 Bridge in the Long Creek Arm to the Highway 39

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