Trolling! Trolling! Trolling!

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Published on: Apr. 2, 2000

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Keep those lures a trollin', keep that boat a-movin'-- Fish on!

Through rain and wind and weather, trolling's altogether

The quickest way to catch any fish around.

Tie em on! Throw `em out! Set `em down! Look around!

Grab the rod! Set the hook!-- Fish on!

da-da-da, da-da-da, da-da-da, da-da-da, da-da-da, da, da, da --Fish on!

I often sing when I'm trolling. I figure the motor will cover the noise I make, so why not? Besides, trolling makes me happy. I admit that I also sing when I'm mowing the lawn, but what comes out then is pretty mournful because, frankly, I'd rather be trolling.

Trolling has its own rhythm. Water laps metronomically against the boat's side, fishing lines sing in the wind. OK, I may be going off the deep end--or drop off--with this description, but trolling is easy music. You simply steer the boat and drag your lures around. It's not much harder than turning on the radio.

There is no more effective method for getting fish to bite, either. Granted, trolling doesn't work with all the fish all the time, but trolling has the advantage of finding the very fish that are susceptible to trolling. You don't have to wait for the fish to come to you; you take your game to the fish and see who's willing to play.

Sales Pressure

Fishing has two basic sales techniques. In the showroom window approach, you present a tantalizing bait in a place that you think will have a lot of fish traffic and hope that some of the passers-by will be unable to resist your offering.

This approach works some of the time, particularly when fish are logy and disinclined to feed. Your offering is near at hand, smelly and easy to catch. Even a stuffed fish (one filled with food) will sometimes take a bite.

You can pretty well expect that some of the time you make your sales pitch to empty water. No matter how fetching, your bait won't get taken because there aren't any fish around. Other times, fish just stare at your presentation until they get bored and leave, or until you move the bait. Moving the bait increases the sales pressure. A fish knows it has to make a decision before the deal gets away.

That's the kind of pressure you exert when trolling. Instead of saying "Please examine and try this lovely bait that I'm dangling in front of your eyes!" you say, "Hey, this flashy

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