Missouri Conservationist: Feb 2000





When Missourians Speak

Surveys tell the Conservation Department how to manage your outdoor resources.

Wildlife Code Changes 2000

Each year the Conservation Department's Regulations Committee reviews all of the rules in the Wildlife Code of Missouri to determine whether the existing regulations continue to sustain the state's fish, forest and wildlife resources with the least amount of regimentation and inconvenience to the public. When needs are identified, rule changes are recommended to the Conservation Commission for approval.

Fishing with Matthew

One of the highlights of my life is taking my grandson, Matthew, fishing. I am delighted when his mother gives permission for him to go. Of course, I must come back to earth and make preparations.

An Affair of the Heart

Few anglers write poems about their true love, because there just aren't enough words that rhyme with walleye.


The Tree with Red Mittens

Skip the tea. Sassafras refreshes us with its beauty.

This Issue's Staff

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