Missouri Conservationist: Feb 1999





On Behalf of Endangered Species

Our natural wealth declines with the extinction of any plant or animal.

Island Home

Least tern survival hinges on a handful of big river sand islands.

Ghost Fish of the Ozarks

Blind cavefish eke out an existence deep underground.

More than a Minnow

Topeka shiners need the help of private landowners.

This Issue's Staff

Editor - Tom Cwynar
Assistant Editor - Charlotte Overby
Managing Editor - Jim Auckley
Art Editor - Dickson Stauffer
Designer - Tracy Ritter
Artist - Dave Besenger
Artist - Mark Raithel
Photographer - Jim Rathert
Photographer - Cliff White
Staff Writer - Jim Low
Staff Writer - Joan McKee
Composition - Libby Bode Block
Circulation - Bertha Bainer