Passing Time and the Jug

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Published on: Dec. 2, 1998

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Quiet Owl"?

Zeke: Take reg'lar doses of it, you keep gettin' old but you won't give a hoot.

Zeke on Furbearers

Mitch: Zeke, there have been a lot of demonstrations by animal rights groups lately about the wearing of fur. What's your opinion on that?

Zeke: I hadn't heerd nothin' norated' about that. What do they want critters to wear, if fur don't suit' em?

Mitch: Not the animals, Zeke, people wearing fur is what these groups are upset about.

Zeke: People always fussin' over what they wear ain't they? Did the furry ones whup up on the other folks?

Mitch: No, they didn't do anything to anybody, Zeke, just wearing fur that came off animals.

Zeke: Well Lordy, son, where else would you get yer fur off of, a catfish? Sometimes people makes the least sense.

Mitch: I'm not putting this right. These groups object to killing animals for their fur. They think it's wrong.

Zeke: Well how else you goin' to git fur off, shear 'em like sheep?

Mitch: Animal rights people say we shouldn't wear fur at all, that the fur belongs on animals, not people.

Zeke: Well sir, reckon that's right, but it's like sayin' trees belongs in woods, and eggs belongs in chickens. You could belong yoursef out of a cheer to set in and yer breakfast besides follerin' that rule!

Mitch: Zeke, this isn't my idea . . .

Zeke: Air these folks agin hides too?

Mitch: Lord, I don't know Zeke.

Zeke: Because fur's kindly fastened to hides, seems to me. And if they are, ther'd go yer belt and yer shoes not to mention yer bill a'fold, I reckon, and all yer footballs, and the kivver off yer baseballs and catcher's mitts and so on. And what in tarnation would they use fer a saddle, reckon, galvanize tin? Ignernt outfits!

Mitch: Boy am I sorry I brought this up.

Zeke: An' my wood- gettin' gloves! You know ain't nothing makes as good a glove as leather fer rough work. Plague on 'em!

Mitch: Zeke I don't think you have to worry about that this week or anytime soon.

Zeke: Well somebody better. Them anti-fur folks is after my cornshellin' gloves and its time to make a new batch of cold remedy. And speakin' of that . . .

Zeke on Making a Garden

Mitch: You and Perletta grew a big garden again this year I guess?

Zeke: Oh shore. Perletta, she does the most of the gardenin' of course and you couldn't no more contain

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