To Have and to Hunt: Husband & Wife Hunting Teams

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Published on: Sep. 2, 1998

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Carl Huskey changed hunting partners. It wasn't that he didn't like the other guy, he just found someone more suitable, more his type. He and his new partner plan to hunt together for a lifetime. Carl's new hunting partner is his wife.

"It wasn't like I put that on my grocery list," Carl explains. "She's got to be able to hunt before I'll settle down with her. But I really thought it was a neat idea."

"It's worked out real well," his wife Kathy agrees.

The Huskeys live in New Bloomfield. Their relationship started with a touch of romance-Carl sending her a bouquet of flowers anonymously at the hospital where they both worked. Their romance was even involved in their decision to hunt together. "We were romancing pretty hard and were involved in just about every aspect of our lives, so hunting became a part of the package," Carl says.

Kathy began to read some of the deer hunting magazines Carl had around the house, and she liked to hike along on Carl's scouting trips. "I enjoyed her company," Carl says.

"From the hunting advantage though, two heads are better than one. She remembers things that I might not and vice versa."

Kathy had been squirrel and dove hunting with her Dad and was an experienced target shooter by the time she met Carl. But it was after he harvested a big nine-pointer in 1992 that Kathy caught deer fever. "He had a nice buck and it was just inspiring. I thought, 'If he can do it, I can do it.'"

And she did. Ironically her favorite hunting partner had to work the day Kathy shot, field dressed and dragged a seven-point buck all the way up a ravine. She called and left a message for Carl from a neighbor's house. Carl didn't waste time. "I jumped in the car and took off like a bolt of lightning. I had to go and check this out."

He was impressed with her deer, maybe a little more than impressed. Kathy explains, "Of course all I heard was 'You got my deer, you got my deer' because he didn't get one that year." Carl and Kathy agree that a competitive streak runs through both of them. Sounds like most other hunting partners in the world.

There are other challenges involved in the wedded hunt. "He's always ready to get up at 4 in the morning and I'm wanting to sleep until 9.

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