Missouri Conservationist: Sep 1998





The Measuring Stick

Exactly when does a boy become "tall" enough to own a gun?

Duck Boats, A Building Tradition

Low-profile, push-poled duck boats have redefined waterfowling in Missouri.

Dedicated to Conservation

Wardens like Charles Palmer provided a rock-solid foundation for the current Conservation Department.

Ribbons of Life

Rivers nourish life far from their banks.

This Issue's Staff

Editor - Tom Cwynar
Assistant Editor - Charlotte Overby
Managing Editor - Jim Auckley
Art Editor - Dickson Stauffer
Designer - Tracy Ritter
Artist - Dave Besenger
Artist - Mark Raithel
Photographer - Jim Rathert
Photographer - Cliff White
Staff Writer - Jim Low
Staff Writer - Joan McKee
Composition - Libby Bode Block
Circulation - Bertha Bainer