Missouri Conservationist: Jan 1998





1998 Wildlife Code Changes

Each year, the Conservation Department's Regulations Committee reviews all of the rules in the Wildlife Code of Missouri to determine whether the existing regulation of the state's fish, forest and wildlife resources continues to maintain sustainable populations, with the least amount of user regimentation and inconvenience. When needs are identified, rule changes are recommended to the Conservation Commission for approval.

A Summary of the Missouri Department of Conservation's Annual Report 1996-1997

This summary of the Annual Report is a snapshot of the Conservation Department's financial transactions and year-long accomplishments from July 1, 1996 through June 30, 1997.

Flashes of Blue

Darlings of the avian world, bluebirds are thriving in Missouri.

Milling Around

Russ Noah has spent much of his life collecting and restoring antique logging equipment.

The Polite Term is Pellets

Found under roosts, these tightly packed owl pellets provide clues to the habits of these night hunters.

To Set a Trap

"What could be simpler than trapping a few coyotes for a coat?" I wondered.

Communities of Trees

Branch Out Missouri helps keep our cities green.

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