Squirrel Hunting Made Easy

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Published on: Oct. 2, 1997

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up with the idea of aiming in front of their nose a few inches (depending on the distance) and putting most of the shot in the head. It makes for a clean kill with none or little shot in the meat.

Little hunting is done before the nuts are ripe. Squirrels are more spread out and difficult to find. If you have a park with hickory trees close by, check under them periodically to see if the squirrels have begun cutting.

If you approach a nut tree that has several squirrels on it, don't move when you kill the first one. Mark where it falls and the others will resume cutting.

I use a light or medium load and find them adequate for squirrels. Maximum load puts too many shot in the squirrel. If a squirrel is out a little far, have patience; it may come your way or you might slip a little closer. Remember, two steps is two yards closer.

Before any beginner starts to hunt, they need to see how their shotgun or rifle shoots. For a shotgunner, it is important to gauge distances. A gray squirrel is out of range at 40 yards. If a squirrel is in gun range, don't get in a hurry to shoot. It may present itself for a better shot in a minute or two.

Many hunters don't seem to care how many times they shoot. I grew up in the '30s and '40s and we tried to conserve ammunition. Not only will this save your money, it will make you a better shot.

Many people do not like to eat squirrel but I've found they are delicious barbecued or fixed with teriyaki sauce.

I once invited a friend to go hunting with me along the river. I knew the woods well and he didn't. When we left the car at dawn, we walked in a narrow field with woods on both sides.

I stopped and pointed to the woods to our left and gave him directions to the best tree in the woods. I left him there, thinking I would go in the woods on the right, where there were some hickories at a considerable distance. I only walked about 200 feet and even before I stepped in the woods, I spied nine squirrels on an oak tree. I quickly emptied my gun twice and had six squirrels.

To this day, I get a guilty feeling when I meet my friend. I'm not sure he believes what I say!

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