Squirrel Hunting Made Easy

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Published on: Oct. 2, 1997

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I've hunted squirrels for over 50 years and during that time, by hit or miss, I've gathered a lot of information on the subject.

At first you must select a good woods to hunt. Look for large mature trees. Look for pecan or hickory trees. Learn the woods you hunt like the back of your hand.

You will find one, two or three areas that contain most of the squirrels. Forget the rest of the woods and go to these hot spots. You can then go to another woods and repeat the same process, building up your knowledge of good hunting spots.

Unless your eyes are a lot better than mine, forget about looking for a squirrel in a tree nearby. If you move around, the squirrel will see you and it becomes a game of hide and seek. Most of the time you will be the loser with a sore neck.

The best method, if you are moving slowly through the woods, is to scan the trees about 100 yards ahead. If a squirrel moves or jumps on a limb you will see it.

Actually, your ears are better for finding a squirrel. When it barks, jumps on a limb or cuts a hickory nut, you can pick up the noise from far away.

If you have a squirrel high in a tree that you can't see, just sit down and wait. Many times you can take another squirrel coming to the same tree and get them both.

If you are hunting under a nut tree where a squirrel is cutting and can't locate the bushy tail, slip under the tree and follow the hulls to the source. Once you locate the squirrel, you can step back and take your shot.

Never make any quick moves and when walking over leaves go as slow as possible. Put your feet down gently, avoiding sticks.

If you are in an opening and see a squirrel in the distance, try to circle until you get a large tree between you and the quarry.

I use a shotgun for squirrels and I never shoot one facing away from me. It will put all the shot in the hind legs and back.

Much of my hunting was done along the river where vegetation was thick. Many squirrels coming toward me would be too close by the time I could see them. Frustrated, I finally came

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