Campfire Cooking

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Published on: Feb. 2, 1997

into strips. Season hamburger as desired and make into rounded servings of 1/2 pound each. Peel off 4 large cabbage leaves and lay them out doubled (one inside the other). Place the hamburger loaf on the cabbage leaves, and stack the vegetables evenly around the meat. Cap with remaining leaves. Place on sheet of heavy-duty foil and wrap tightly by bringing the sides together at the top and rolling the edges to form a tight seal. Roll the ends toward the middle with rolled ends turned up. This will prevent the juices from leaking out. Place directly on a bed of hot coals. Leave for 45 minutes without turning. Remove from coals with flat utensil such as an egg turner. Larry suggests that this is an excellent way to use up that deer burger.

We gave our crack trout fisherman, Jim Auckley, the "Stuffed Trout" recipe, submitted by Marc Sostarich of Florissant:

Stuffed Trout

One large or two small trout; 1 tsp. lemon pepper; 2-3 tbsp. butter; 1/2 cup fresh tomatoes; 1/2 coarsely chopped onion; 1/2 cup coarsely chopped celery; foil for wrapping. Gut and degill trout; wash thoroughly with water, leaving head, tail and fins on or you may cut them off. Fillets also may be used. Lay trout on 14-inch piece of foil and sprinkle on half the lemon pepper; place half the butter in cavity or on fillet. Put tomatoes, onions, celery and rest of lemon pepper and butter in cavity or on fillets; some will overflow from cavity. Take two sides of the foil together and fold several times to seal top; then fold in the two ends to seal. Place on grill 2 inches or more above hot coals. Small fish will cook in approximately 20 minutes and larger ones in 30 minutes. Be careful when handling hot foil.

From David Matthews of Reeds Spring we were introduced to "Hobo Eggs." We gave it to our foremost frugal bachelor and former hobo, Tom Cwynar. Tom had a little trouble with these though, David, and would like your suggestions about how better to prepare them the next time he and his date hitch a ride on the Missouri-Pacific. Here's David's recipe:

Hobo Eggs

After the flames have died from the campfire, place eggs down in the coals. BE SURE to chip a hole in the top of each egg or they will explode! After the embers have cooled, take out the eggs

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