Missouri Conservationist: Nov 1996





A Heritage on Film

Bob Lindholm uses photography to express his love of nature.

Back Cover

A white-tailed doe moves deliberately through bedding and resting ground as light snow dusts both deer and grass.

One Day In November

For a father who hunts, a son is a boy for an agonizingly short time.

Better Fishing at Lake Taneycomo

Conservation Department plans point to an exciting future for Lake Taneycomo.

Master of Deception

Using a radio collar, Conservation Department biologists follow a trophy buck as he avoids hunters through four seasons.


Bird dog brothers to the bone, they are diplomats rattling sabers at a public forum, all bombast and posture.

Landowners Assisting Wildlife Survival

Wildlife lead a precarious existence, especially in winter. With no more than feathers or fur to help hold in body heat, many small birds and mammals die when winter temperatures drop into the minus range. The ones that survive such conditions are those fortunate enough to find high quality food sources during the colder months.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Volunteers of all stripes work to give something back to nature.

This Issue's Staff

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