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Published on: May. 2, 1996

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them. The area is open to other hunters, but they must walk in. The headquarters at Peck Ranch and a restroom are accessible for people with disabilities.

Peck Ranch Conservation Area is located 8.5 miles east of Winona off Highway H and six miles north of Fremont off highways P and 60, in Carter County. To make reservations for a special use permit or a field trip, or for other information about Peck Ranch Conservation Area, contact the manager, Peck Ranch Conservation Area, Winona 65588 or telephone (573) 323-4249.

Marais Temps Clair Conservation Area

Marais Temps Clair is a 918-acre wetland tract located in north St. Charles County, east of Orchard Farm. Fishing, bowfishing and wildlife viewing can be productive in the ten wetland pools and associated ditches. Hikers, bicyclists and auto tour enthusiasts enjoy traveling the roads and levee tops viewing the water birds, frogs, turtles, fish and reptiles that thrive throughout the area.

This conservation area can't accommodate large numbers of hunters. However, waterfowl and dove hunting, following special regulations, can be good. Visitors to Marais Temps Clair will find living proof that wetlands are home to more kinds and numbers of wildlife than any other type of habitat. But expect to see large numbers of waterfowl only in spring and fall. Wetland pools, while vitally important to wildlife, are not particularly scenic, especially when drained, though you still may be able to see shorebirds.

Find green space in Urban Wild Acres

The Urban Wild Acres program in Kansas City was begun as a means of conserving "green space" for urban residents. Properties within this program are donated to or purchased by the Conservation Department and leased to local agencies for site management.

The Conservation Department presently has five wild acre sites representing forests, old fields, glades, streams and prairies. Each of these areas has something different to offer visitors throughout the year.

Maple Woods is a federally designated natural history area. One of its unique features is a dense stand of sugar maples. Maple Woods is 1.25 miles east of North Oak Trafficway on 76th Street.

Rush Creek offers visitors an opportunity to learn about streams, old fields and wooded habitats. Rush Creek is two blocks south of William Jewell College on Jewell Street, .5 mile east on Richfield Road, then .25 mile north on Lafrenz Road.

Walnut Woods is a mixed hardwood tract with various species of trees, shrubs and woodland flowers. Walnut Woods is two blocks south of Willaim Jewell college on Jewell Street, .5 mile east on Richfield Road and two miles south on Lafrenz Road to Stockdale Park. The area is on the east side of this park.

Jim Bridger offers open fields, glades and wooded trails with a picturesque stream. Jim Bridger is 3.5 miles south of the junction of highways 40 and 7 on Highway 7, 1.2 miles west on Cowherd Road, then .5 mile north on Jasper Bell Road. Use the entrance to the Kemper Outdoor Education Center.

Creating wild acres is a lot like building a house for plants, wildlife and people. For more information on the Urban Wild Acres program in Kansas City, contact the Conservation Department's metro office at (816) /356 2280.

Several Conservation Department staff members contributed to this article.

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