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Published on: May. 2, 1996

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are interlaced among the oak/hickory forest. These hot, dry and rocky areas provide spectacular wildflower displays in the spring and fall. Indian paintbrush, Missouri primrose and purple cone flowers are some of the specially adapted plants you'll see.

In the fall, the reds and yellows of little bluestem, Indian grass and side oats grama catch your eye against the backdrop of fall foliage of the trees on the distant hillside. You may also see unusual reptiles, such as the collared lizard, basking in the sunlight.

Descending down the front side of Stegall Mountain, you encounter Rogers Creek, a small but clear spring-fed stream. Along its 7-mile length, you'll find over 25 species of small fish. Common species in the flowing water are southern redbelly dace, creek chub, central stone roller, Current River orange throat darter, barred fantail darter and green sunfish. In the shallow pools, the fish fauna is more diverse and includes such species as the striped shiner, bleeding shiner, hornyhead chub, slender madtom, black spotted top minnow and shadow bass.

Peck Ranch Conservation Area is divided into "zones" to accommodate its many users. During a visit, you will have the chance to see white-tailed deer, bobcat, wild turkey, beaver or perhaps even a black bear or river otter. Although most visitors are individuals or families, larger groups such as schools, hiking clubs and Scout groups frequently visit the area.

Peck Ranch contains four natural areas, seven caves and a 6.2-mile segment of the Ozark Trail. The Peck Ranch headquarter's nature trail originates at the spring at the headquarters and completes several loops through an area of beaver ponds. This trail provides excellent possibilities for seeing wildlife.

Peck Ranch provides three special deer hunts (archery and black powder), a spring turkey hunt and a special walk-in turkey hunting area. Hunts with primitive weapons for deer are held each October and January by application. Hunting within the special use zone (the fenced portion of Peck Ranch) is by special regulation only. However, over 11,000 acres in the exterior unit are open under statewide regulations for hunting. Many spring turkey hunters use the three primitive campgrounds when hunting the 3,000-acre Round Mountain walk-in turkey hunting area.

Peck Ranch includes a zone for disabled hunters. This special area is used during a muzzleloading buck hunt, an archery any-deer hunt and a muzzleloading antlerless deer hunt. Disabled hunters may drive into this area, and may have a helper assist

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