1996 Wildlife Code Changes

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Published on: Jan. 2, 1996

Last revision: Oct. 20, 2010

addition to a hunting permit to take waterfowl, doves, snipe, woodcock and rails; a daily fishing permit ($3) and a daily small game hunting permit ($5). These latter two permits may be purchased for multiple days.

  • These permits have been dropped: the nonresident three-day and fourteen-day trip fishing permits, the Missouri waterfowl hunting stamp, the ruffed grouse hunting permit, and the nonresident five day trip small game hunting permit.
  • Other permit changes include that no firearms hunting permit shall be issued unless proof of hunter education is provided. This applies to individuals buying their own permits, and those buying permits for others. No hunter education card will have to be shown if hunter certification can be verified through direct access to computer data files.
  • Resident's permits are limited to people who do not claim residency in another state or country and whose actual residence and legal domicile have both been in the state of Missouri for at least 30 days last past before the purchase of the permit.

    • In fishing methods changes minnow traps, hooks, trotlines, throwlines, limb lines, bank lines or jug lines may not be left unattended for more than 24 hours or must be completely removed. Anglers may attach their trotlines together, but the number of hooks in the aggregate are not to exceed 33. Fish not hooked in the mouth or jaw, except those legally taken by methods such as legal snagging, snaring, bow or falconry (falconry is now included as a legal fishing method) must be returned to the water unharmed immediately.
    • An underwater light may be used to attract fish by anglers using pole and line, and endangered species of fish, their parts and eggs may not be used as bait. Fish taken from the James River from below Lake Springfield Dam to the Hwy. 160 bridge may not be taken by snagging, snaring or grabbing. A portion of the James River has been added to the streams where the daily limit of smallmouth bass is one fish, and all bass less than 15 inches must be released.
    • Fishing methods have been clarified for a number of fish. Legal methods include pole and line, trotline, throwline, limb line, bank line, jug line and falconry for the following species: channel catfish, blue catfish, flathead catfish, crappie, muskellunge, northern pike, grass pickerel, chain pickerel, paddlefish, rock bass and warmouth, walleye, sauger, white bass, yellow bass and striped bass.
    • The length limit for northern

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