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Backyard Tree Care

From tree selection and planting to pruning guidelines, this section covers everything you need to know to take care of your backyard trees. More

Basic Pruning Guidelines Brochure

Learn when and how to prune your Missouri landscape trees. More

Constructing with Care

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Save the beauty and investment in your property by managing your building area to protect trees. More

Mulch — Your Tree's Best Friend

Mulch helps provide the tree nutrients and keeps soil temperatures low, protecting its root system. More

Tree Care After Storms

When storms damage trees, cleanup and recovery can be bewildering. Download some tips to will help you make the right decisions for your trees. More

Tree Killers in Our Yards

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Lawn mowers and string trimmers can damage the bark of trees. More

Tree Topping

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Experts agree: It's never a good idea to "top" a tree. More

Tree-Maintenance Timetable

This brief, illustrated guide shows you when to water, mulch, pest-monitor, fertilize, stake and prune your Missouri trees. More

Troubled Trees

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Oak tree
Diagnosing and managing urban tree stress More

Watering Shade Trees

Proper watering keeps your Missouri shade trees healthy for life. Text, illustrations and video show you how. More