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Tips for a Safe and Ethical Deer Season

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11-2010 Conservationist 10
It's one of the best seasons of the year - make it a safe one. More

Tree Stand Safety

Follow these safety tips to avoid getting hurt when you hunt from elevated tree stands. More

Trophy Deer Care

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Proper care from field to freezer results in better mounts and meat. More

Turkey production down, fall season outlook fair

Four wild-turkey gobblers forage for insects in a pasture.
Wet weather during nesting season ended a two-year run of strong reproduction. More

Weather didn't hurt first-week turkey harvest

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Turkey expert says the season’s best hunting likely is still ahead. More

Young hunters check 19,277 deer

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Deer Hunting
The ranks of young hunters are swelling as a result of MDC’s continuing recruitment efforts. More

Youngsters check 18,676 deer during early hunt

Deer Hunting
Expert attributes the strong harvest to favorable weather and growing awareness of the youth portions of firearms deer season. More

“Mast” survey provides insights for deer, turkey hunters

Information about acorn abundance can help hunters plot hunting strategy. More