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Chronic Wasting Disease

CWD kills deer, elk, and moose. Get the facts, and help protect Missouri's white-tailed deer from this disease. More

Citizen help critical to avoid spreading wildlife diseases

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Proper disposal of deer carcasses is one key element in efforts to limit the spread of chronic wasting disease. More

Conservation Action June 2014

People fill the auditorium at Conservation Commission meeting room.

Conservation Officials work with hunters to monitor deer herd

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Hunters can compensate for losses to hemorrhagic diseases. More

Cutaneous Fibromas

Cutaneous fibromas, a skin disease found on deer, does not affect humans or other animals, and it does not affect the quality of a deer's meat. More

Deer Diseases

Learn about a few of the more common parasites and unusual conditions that people, especially hunters, might observe in deer: chronic wasting disease, cutaneous fibromas, hemorrhagic disease, Lyme disease, nasal bot flies and tapeworms. More

Help wanted containing chronic wasting disease

The Missouri Department of Conservation asks hunters to help protect the state’s deer herd. More

Hemorrhagic Disease

Hemorrhagic disease (HD) is a general term for epizootic hemorrhagic disease and bluetongue virus, which affect members of the deer family and some kinds of livestock. Browse reports for suspected HD in Missouri. More

Lyme Disease in Deer

There has never been a documented case of a human contracting Lyme disease through the handling or consumption of venison. Learn more. More

MDC public meeting in West Plains seeks input on CWD threat to deer

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A 10-point white-tailed deer buck stands in a field.
Meeting is a chance for citizens to get information and give MDC comments about chronic wasting disease. More