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Conservation Department announces deer meetings

Learn about current management goals and meet with biologists in one-on-one conversations. More

Deer Control

Browse techniques for controlling nuisance white-tailed deer on your Missouri property. More

Deer Management for the Future

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Hunters and landowners help develop new deer regulations. More

Deer Management: Your Farm and Beyond

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Cooperatively Managing Land For Hunting
Building herd quality through conservation cooperatives. More

MDC holding deer management workshop in Linneus for landowners

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White Tailed Deer

MDC limits firearm antlerless permits for upcoming deer season

Decrease in deer numbers and resulting hunter and landowner input prompt changes. More

MDC offers deer habitat management tour near Jamesport

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Adult Male Deer

MDC offers deer management workshop in Fayette

A white-tailed deer doe and fawn with spots.
Workshop topics include deer biology, habitat management and cost-share practices. More

MDC offers deer management workshop in Northeast Missouri

Experts from MDC and Quality Deer Management Association will offer presentations on a variety of topics. More

MDC offers deer management workshop in Saline County

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