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Are You A Pole Burner?

photo of utility pole burnt in two
Don’t let your passion for wildlife restoration burn out of control. Attend a prescribed burn workshop near you, then follow your burn plan! More
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Are You Guilty of Recreational Mowing?

Bobwhite quail chick
Look at a recently mowed field and there are not many places for a quail covey to hide. More

Are You Seeing Quail or Turkey Broods?

Aerial view of flooding at Duck Creek CA
A year ago most of Missouri was pretty wet from above-average rainfall and flooding. Today is a different story that is having a positive impact on ground-nesting birds. More

Arkansas Darter Best Management Practice

Manage your Missouri streams to help this endangered species. More

Armadillo Control

Learn to identify, prevent, and control armadillo damage on your Missouri property. More

Armadillo Damage Control

A video of helpful tips on trapping nuisance armadillos. More

Asian Carp Control

Because black, silver carp and bighead carp are non-native Asian fish that can cause big problems, it's illegal to use them as live bait in Missouri. Keep them from spreading to your favorite sport-fishing water. More

Asian Long-Horned Beetle Control

Photo of Asian longhorned beetle, an invasive forest pest
These invasive beetles kill hardwood trees. Learn to identify their signs and help keep them out of Missouri. More