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Aquatic Vegetation Management

Ten Aquaguides and other resources help you learn how to manage your Missouri pond's vegetation.

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Archived Timber Price Trends

View Timber Price Trend reports from 1994-2010.

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photo of utility pole burnt in two

Are You A Pole Burner?

Don’t let your passion for wildlife restoration burn out of control. Attend a prescribed burn workshop near you, then follow your burn plan!

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Bobwhite quail chick

Are You Guilty of Recreational Mowing?

Look at a recently mowed field and there are not many places for a quail covey to hide.

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Aerial view of flooding at Duck Creek CA

Are You Seeing Quail or Turkey Broods?

A year ago most of Missouri was pretty wet from above-average rainfall and flooding. Today is a different story that is having a positive impact on ground-nesting birds.

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Are you using the right cut stump herbicide?

Selecting the correct herbicide for the job can save time and money.

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