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Photo of large didymo clump

Don't Spread Didymo

Please comply with the porous-soled wader ban, and wash your waders between visits to Missouri's trout waters.

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Image of a swamp rabbit

Drawn to Wetlands

What do waterfowl have to do with swamp rabbits? Take a few minutes and I'll show you what the connection is.

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Drought and Deer Disease

The coincidence of this blog and what I found on a walk along a creek where we live is quite bizarre.

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Duck Season Dates and Zone Boundaries Workshops

MDC is hosting 15 workshops across the state to gather hunter input on duck season dates and zone boundary locations during the months of March and April.

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Duck Season Timing and Zones

Every five years the Department hosts public workshops to gather hunter input about duck season dates and zone boundary locations for the next five years.

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Eagle Days

Missouri's winter eagle watching is spectacular. Find places to view eagles on your own, or join us at some of the many Eagle Days events scheduled around the state.

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