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Collared Missouri Elk Bulls

Collared Missouri Elk Bulls
Missouri elk bulls with tracking collars are photographed at Peck Ranch in December 2011.  These were among the first wild elk to arrive in Missouri in May. More

Confirming Mountain Lion Sightings

Closeup of mountain lion face
Confirming the presence of mountain lion requires physical evidence, such as photos, tracks or DNA. More

Coot Burgers and Mallãrd Filléts

an eagle eating on a frozen body of water
Who doesn’t like a cheap and easy meal? I guess that is a rhetorical question... More

Cutaneous Fibromas

Cutaneous fibromas, a skin disease found on deer, does not affect humans or other animals, and it does not affect the quality of a deer's meat. More

Did I See a Bald Eagle?

As the winter season approaches, bald eagles are moving into Missouri from breeding areas to our north. More

Disturbing Thoughts

With the buildup of ice and potential damage to trees as they begin to flex and potentially snap under the excessive weight, I had a couple “disturbing” thoughts. More

Dogs on Point

three bird dogs hunting in tall warm-season grass during winter
A season-end quail hunt yields excellent dog work and plenty of quail. More

Don't Spread Didymo

Photo of large didymo clump
Please comply with the porous-soled wader ban, and wash your waders between visits to Missouri's trout waters. More