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Bur Oak Woods Nature Center Film Festival

Nature films and documentaries will be shown indoors on Dec. 26 at MDC's Burr Oak Woods Nature Center in Blue Springs. But the exhibit area also has comfortable places to watch wildlife visiting the bird feeders outside the center's windows. This wild turkey paid a visit during a snow a few winters ago.

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the Bockman Family take advantage of a cool day to discover nature

But it is good for you...

Don’t let the tyrant winter keep you inside! Exercise your freedom to be happy and healthy on any number of local nature trails or conservation areas.

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Butchering and Freezing Venison

Safeguard the quality of your venison with careful butchering and freezing.

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Cabin Fever Cure

Learn about the bald eagle and escape the winter doldrums.

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Cable Restraint Regulations

In Missouri, cable restraints can be used to take furbearers from November 15 through January 31 the following year by trappers who have successfully completed a cable-restraint training course, validated by a certified instructor.

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Calibrating Our Internal Sights

During the holidays and into the New Year a lot of people reflect and recalibrate their sights on what is important to them. Before and during the hunting season, examining what it takes to have a quality hunt can also be helpful.

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Can You Find the Quail in This Photo?

While you ponder the number of quail in this shrub thicket, consider that quail rely on dense shrubs every day.

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Can't Smell Squat

Photo of a cedar waxwing foraging for food.

Cedar Waxwing

A cedar waxwing spends evenings foraging for food during a snowstorm in Jefferson City, Mo.

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