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Cabin Fever Cure

Learn about the bald eagle and escape the winter doldrums. More

Cable Restraint Regulations

In Missouri, cable restraints can be used to take furbearers from November 15 through January 31 the following year by trappers who have successfully completed a cable-restraint training course, validated by a certified instructor. More

Can You Find the Quail in This Photo?

While you ponder the number of quail in this shrub thicket, consider that quail rely on dense shrubs every day. More

Can't Smell Squat


Cedar Waxwing

Photo of a cedar waxwing foraging for food.
A cedar waxwing spends evenings foraging for food during a snowstorm in Jefferson City, Mo. More

Chicken Little was Right

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Free-falling objects - including dead Canada geese - accelerate due to gravity at 32 feet per second squared. More

Christmas Bird Count

Audubon Society bird clubs throughout the country conduct bird counts around Christmas time. More

Christmas Tree Care

Christmas Tree
Picking the right holiday tree and caring for it properly can ensure a safer, longer-lasting tree. These simple steps show you how. More