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Chill Out

The author's brother prepares to cast a fishing lure into a pool of clear water.
Nothing beats wade-fishing as a way to beat the summer heat while enjoying time outdoors. More

Chupacabra or Mangy Coyote?

bony, distressed-looking dog or coyote with no hair
Every year people send reports of chupacabra sightings, along with a photo of a coyote that looks like this one, which is suffering from severe sarcoptic mange and malnutrition. The chupacabra, on the other hand, is a legendary creature fabled to suck milk from goats. No wildlife biologist has ever confirmed the existence of one. More

Cicadas and Their Killers

The middle of July through August is the time that we should be hearing annual, or dog-day, cicadas whining in the treetops around sunset. More
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Common Snapping Turtle Snaps at Camera

Common Snapping Turtle snaps at camera.
Common snapping turtle snaps at camera. More

Compass Plant (Leaves)

Photo of compass plant leaves
The leaves of compass plant are hairy and deeply cleft almost to the midrib, the lobes sometimes having secondary divisions. In full sun, the upright lower leaves turn their edges toward north and south, with the flat surfaces facing east and west, giving compass plant its common name. More

Crayfish Recipes

The "freshwater lobsters" of Missouri streams have as much flavor and nutrition as their sea-going cousins. More

Creature Feature: Godzilla Sequel?

Siren Mug Shot
Five hundred years ago maps from the old-world showed fantastic mythical beasts lurking ... More
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